King of the Mountain

Championship Team Summary
Under 12 Boys Gold
Under 12 Boys Red
Under 12 Boys Navy
Under 12 Girls Red
Under 12 Girls Navy
Under 11 Boys Gold
Under 11 Boys Red
Under 11 Boys Navy
Under 11 Girls Red
Under 11 Girls Navy

Participating Team Ranking Information
Under 12 Boys Gold5
Under 12 Boys Red7
Under 12 Boys Navy14500500500
Under 12 Girls Red5
Under 12 Girls Navy6
Under 11 Boys Gold4
Under 11 Boys Red2112657268462
Under 11 Boys Navy13642642642
Under 11 Girls Red5
Under 11 Girls Navy113751342546

Participating Team National History
AgeTeamChampionship Results
U18MNMSC RedUSYS 2016 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
USYS 2016 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
SGCSA Strikers RedUSYS 2018 North Carolina State Semi-Finalist
The site was a great resource to sort colleges by my selection criteria, connect with coaches and be a repository for all of my communications. Overall, the best site that I used in my college soccer search.
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